Security Guidelines

Notice for Applicants Visiting Italy Visa Information & Application Centre:

Due to security reasons the following items will not be allowed inside the visa Application Service:

  • Any kind of explosive goods or material, weapon or weapon like objects
  • Any inflammable item such as lighters/ fuel/ matchboxes etc.
  • Any types of sharp objects such as scissors, nail filers or pen knives.
  • Sealed envelopes or packages.
  • All bags such as briefcases, leather, jute or cloth bag, travel bags, backpacks, suit cases or zipped folders will not be allowed to be carried inside the centre.
  • All electronic gadgets or battery operated items such as cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, portable music players, laptops, floppies, MP3, IPADs will not be allowed to be carried inside the centre and mobiles will have to be deposited at the security counter.

The list provided above is not restricted to the items mentioned. Other items may also be prohibited as per the discretion of the security guard on duty, if the same is seen as life threatening objectives/material which could cause harm or disrupt the security rules and regulations.

Due to security reasons only the visa applicant will be allowed to enter the Centre. No other person/(s) accompanying the applicant during the application submission or retrieval procedure will be permit to enter the Italy Visa Information & Application Centre. However, as an exception one additional person will be allowed to accompany applicants who are Physically challenged and differently able.

Please note there is no additional facility provided at the visa application centre for the storage of goods/material. Applicants are requested to make alternate arrangements to keep the same before entry into the centre.