Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Processing of Personal Data:

Upon visa applications or queries, personal data (does not include credit card information) that you submit to us will be processed in accordance with the data protection rules followed in Iran.


CKGS is engaged by the Italian Embassy in Tehran, Iran, to manage visa application services on behalf of the Italian Embassy. With some exceptions highlighted in this Data Protection Policy, CKGS processes your personal data on behalf of and in accordance with the instructions of the Italian Embassy for the purpose of processing your visa application. As for processing activities CKGS undertakes on behalf of the Italian Embassy, CKGS is the processor and the Italian Embassy in Tehran is the controller. Please be aware that CKGS can leave no guarantees concerning and takes no legal responsibility for the Italian Embassy’s processing of personal data.

Processing of personal data in connection with a Visa Application:

Upon an application for visa, CKGS will collect and process your personal data in accordance with the requirements specified by the Embassy of Italy in Iran. Insofar as in the framework of the visa application, CKGS collects, saves or uses personal data itself, this is only done insofar as is necessary for the processing of the visa application and for the rendering of our other services and the performance of the contract. Accordingly, data is only passed on to third parties insofar as CKGS service partners (e.g. courier services) or The Embassy of Italy in Iran requires the data to process the application. In such cases, however, the scope of the data (does not include credit card information) transmitted is limited to the necessary minimum.

Otherwise, passing your personal data n to third parties, selling it to third parties or transmitting it to third parties in another way is excluded, unless CKGS is obliged by law or by a court decision to pass the data on, or if passing on the data is necessary for the pursuit of claims and criminal-law prosecution in the event of attacks on CKGS IT infrastructure.

Please be aware that CKGS can leave no guarantees and that CKGS takes no legal responsibility for the Embassy of Italy in Iran for processing of your personal data.


By submitting your personal data; you actively consent to our treatment of your personal data as outlined above.

Right to information, correction and deletion of data:

Upon a written and duly signed request you are entitled to information regarding our processing of your personal data. You are also entitled to ask for correction of incorrect data and for the deletion of data. You may also, at any time, revoke your consent to our processing of your personal data (does not include credit card information).

Personal Data Representative:

Robin Geevarghese is personal data representative at CKGS.You may contact the personal data representative at Telephone Number 22180701 / 22180702 / 22180703 / 22180704 .

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