How to Apply

Step 1

Are you eligible to apply for a Visa to travel to Italy? Please visit the website to know if you are required to have a visa to enter Italy.

Step 2

Know what type of Visa you need according to the purpose of your visit to Italy. Kindly go to the link for information regarding different types of visa.

Step 3

Book your appointment, please click here.

Rescheduling an appointment is allowed; you only need to input the appointment reference number and choose slots available by using your my account option.

Take a print out of the confirmed appointment letter and the document checklist you receive in your email. Do not forget to bring together with the application form, payment receipt (if applicable) and all required documents as per checklist. Collect all the documents according to your visa type checklist, see here.

Step 4

Fill application online or DOWNLOAD SCHENGEN FORM HERE. Or opt for Form Filling Assistance directly in CKGS Italy Visa Application Centre. And do not forget to affix your signatures on the application form.

Accompanying Declaration Form: All Minors are required to fill following declaration form and submit the same to the Italian Embassy in Iran along with the other documents. Click Here to download the declaration form.

Step 5

Pay the corresponding Visa fees and other applicable surcharges online via Credit Card, if you opt for online payment; or opt for offline payment, applicant can pay directly at the CKGS Visa Application Centre.

Step 6

Visiting the Application Centre

  • All applicants will go through security screening and appointment verification at the security/reception area. Security personnel will provide a queue/token number.
  • Applicant will be directed to the waiting area as per appointment type selected e.g. Premium or General, while waiting for his/her queue.
  • Customer Service Agents will call applicant as per queue/token number then verify the documents according to the visa type and its’ checklist.
  • Applicants are request to submit complete visa application form along with complete documents to the counter.
  • Incomplete Visa Application form will not be accepted by CKGS Visa Application Centre. Otherwise, opt for Form Filling Assistance; customer service agent will complete the application form in behalf of the applicant with corresponding charges.
  • In case of missing documents, applicant will be requested to provide the same within 5 working days (Applicable for few Visa Types).

Step 7

The applicant can track the status of their visa application through Track Your Visa Application.

  • Applicant need to enter the following details:
    • Passport Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Tracking ID

Step 8

Collect your Passport

  • The Italian Embassy in Iran will process the Visa Application.
  • An SMS (if opted) and Email notification is sent to the applicant informing applicant to collect his passport.
  • Applicant must carry the following document along with them:
    • Original Invoice, Payment Receipt, shenasnameh and kart-e-melli
  • If applicant has opted for shipping then Passport will be shipped at applicant’s provided address on same day it arrives at the application centre from the Italian Embassy in Iran.