About Italy

Italy is a beautiful country in Southern Europe. It is acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture. Italy is also considered as a home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. High art and monuments are to be found everywhere around the country.

Italy – A land of Art and History

Italy has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art. Our museums, collections and archaeological sites reveal countless tokens of the past and the many civilizations that have passed across this country, evidence of which is still inextricably woven into the present day landscape.

Artistic wonders can be found everywhere, and every corner of the country holds countless and wonderful surprises. Our artistic and cultural heritage is one of the most valuable in the world. Italy has more cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country.

Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice, Siena, Pisa, and Naples are its most renowned cities of art, but the whole country can boast towns of breathtaking beauty, as these numbers demonstrate: 95,000 monumental churches, 40,000 forts and castles, 30,000 historical residences with 4,000 gardens, 36,000 archives and libraries, 20,000 historical cities and towns, 5,600 museums and archaeological sites, and 1,500 convents.

The Italian Villages are places where our traditions are born. Precious jewel boxes where our lifestyle characteristics of conviviality, unity and sharing are preserved.

To discover these hamlets means fully immersing yourself in the marvel of these hidden territories. The walls that encircle them and the narrow streets that cross them are testimony of a culture that is perpetuated and transmitted by their inhabitants. To visit a “borgo” means to experience in full the beauty of works of art, churches, museums and architectural styles combined with unexpected encounters, convivial moments and delicious food in a small universe of a human scale. It’s a journey of discovery that has to be taken slowly and that allows you to re-discover the closeness with the environment that is often lost in big cities.

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